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Spark one for the crew

 Porter Bay - Link N' Spark 

Chesapeak Music

Porter Bay

Porter Bay is an artist from Columbia, MD. Wherever he goes, he makes sure to bring the 410 with him. His music style can be described best in 3 words: cool, calm, and collected. His icy flow, melodic patterns, smooth bars, and warm voice are sure to get you feeling like you just took a shot of whiskey on the rocks; Icy, warm, energized, and refocused.


Vinci is a EDM producer from Ellicott City MD. Focused on creating dubstep and other hard hitting heavy electronic sounds, his music reflects the subculture of some of the dirtiest and most raw underground music. 


Ezra is a multi genre producer based out of Towson University. After discovering his true passion freshman year of college, he was introduced to Chesapeak music. This sparked several collaborations with Chesapeak artists Porter Bay & Vinci. From there, Ezra has worked with other successful artists such as Eearz and TayMasterChef.